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Facebook: We Didn’t Give Anyone Data Without User Permission

Facebook’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year continued, with the social media company on the defense yet again over partnerships that granted high-tech companies extensive access to user data. 

Research: Russian Disinformation Campaigns Target African Americans

Russian misinformation campaigns have been targeting African Americans in a number of ways to create division between left and right political agendas, create racial division and discord, and even suppress Black voter turnout, new research has found.

Update: Cash for Medical Device Clunkers? Task Force calls for Healthcare Security Overhaul

In-brief: the U.S. healthcare sector is in critical condition and needs urgent, coordinated action to protect patient safety and address vulnerabilities in millions of deployed medical devices, a Congressional Task Force has concluded. (Updated with comments from Joshua Corman of Atlantic Council. PFR June 7, 2017)

East Front of United States Capitol

Republican bill aims to bolster U.S. attack attribution capabilities

The problems that surround cyber attribution came into sharp relief in recent weeks, as the Department of Homeland Security and FBI attempted to pin attribution for the hacking of Democratic party organizations on hackers affiliated with the government of Russia, with only mixed success. Attribution was again an issue after The Washington Post -citing the DHS and FBI report- said Russians had hacked their way into the U.S. electrical grid by way of a Vermont utility. That report was eventually walked back as more evidence emerged about the incident.  Pointing the finger of blame – it turns out – is easier said than done in matters of cyber espionage and cyber war. Now the folks over at Cyberscoop point to a new bill designed to boost the government’s ability to do cyber attribution and foster government-industry ties. New cybersecurity legislation aims to bolster the U.S. government’s attribution capabilities as well […]

FDA: Medical Device Makers Urged To Secure Post Market Devices from Cyber Attack

  In-brief: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday issued new guidelines, calling on medical device makers to do a better job addressing cyber security vulnerabilities and exploits as part of their management of deployed medical devices.