Author: Marc Blackmer

IoT Security – We’re Doing it Wrong

I spend a lot of time at information security industry events. It’s part of my job at Cisco -visiting customers and attending and speaking at conferences. And these days, many of my conversations are focused on issues surrounding securing the Internet of Things. By and large, I enjoy this immensely. But my experience also gives me a vantage point from which to observe the cyber security and IoT security community broadly. What I’ve concluded is this: ours is a community that is made up of highly gifted and intelligent professionals with diverse, but also specialized skills. Unfortunately, ours has been – and continues to be- an insular community. I’ve come to realize that this pronounced and endemic navel gazing does us and the general public a great disservice. In fact, it may make the job of not repeating the security mistakes of the last two decades more difficult. Can we […]