Author: Marc Blackmer

What will it take to secure the Internet of Things?

  In-brief: progress on securing the Internet of Things requires makers and security experts to compromise and learn to work together, says Cisco’s Marc Blackmer.*

Cyber Crime Laws Showing Their Age

  In-brief: Greater cooperation between law enforcement and the technology community is needed to help remake computer crime laws for the age of The Internet of Things, says Cisco’s Marc Blackmer.

When Securing the Internet of Things: Collaborate or Die

In-brief: Cisco’s Marc Blackmer argues that collaboration – not exceptionalism – must be the norm for defending the Internet of Things. 

On the Internet of Things, Failure is a Virtue

In-brief: Cisco’s Marc Blackmer argues that fail fast, fail often is as relevant to securing the IoT as it is to developing new IoT products. 

Everything Tastes Better with Bluetooth: Understanding IoT Risk

In-brief: Marc Blackmer of Cisco says that, with so much promise, it can be hard to anticipate how individual or company-wide decisions to embrace the IoT might bear on cyber risk.