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Podcast Episode 143: Tufin’s IPO with CEO Ruvi Kitov and Capsule8 on securing Linux at Scale

Tufin (TUFN) became the latest cyber security firm to have an initial public offering. In our first segment, we speak to its co-founder and CEO Reuven Kitov. Also: as more and more applications and workloads shift to the cloud, securing high-performance Linux environments has become a priority. In our second segment, we speak with Kelly Shortridge of the firm Capsule8, a firm that is offering attack protection for product linux environments.


Brickerbot: and You will know It by the Trail of Linux Devices

In-brief: new botnets, dubbed “Brickerbot” were first spotted in recent weeks conducting what Radware termed “permanent denial of service” attacks: compromising and then destroying data on vulnerable connected endpoints. 

The Worm (Re)Turns, Targets Embedded Linux AirOS

In-brief: A self-reproducing Internet worm is spreading globally, infecting embedded systems running AirOS, Linux-based firmware that runs hardware like wireless routers and wireless access points.

Linux Kernel Flaw Reaches Into Internet of Things

In-brief: Software updates were released to address a serious and exploitable security flaw in the Linux kernel on Tuesday. The issue, in a feature called keyring, could impact embedded systems as well as mobile devices. 

Linux IoT Worm Still Alive And Mining Virtual Coins

A few months ago we wrote about a new Internet worm notable because it spread between devices running the Linux operating systems, and because it had the ability to infect a range of non-PC devices including set top boxes. Symantec was quick to suggest that the worm, Linux.Darlloz, was the first “Internet of Things” malware. Now, three months later, Symantec is updating the story: noting that Darlloz is still out there, and seems to have  been put to use mining for virtual currencies. Writing on Symantec’s blog on Thursday, analyst Karou Hayashi said that researchers there discovered a new variant of Darlloz in January that included code changes and improvements from the version discovered at the end of 2013. Darlloz is versatile: it can run on devices using a variety of architectures, including the common Intel x86, but also hardware running the ARM, MIPS and PowerPC architectures. Those are more common […]