RSA Conference

Following Security Ledger at RSA Conference: Monday

The Security Ledger will be in San Francisco for the 28th RSA Security Conference this week. Check us out if you’re at the show or follow us on social media @securityledger or via the #SLRSA hash tag. I’ll be tweeting and sharing images (and video?) from the show floor.

It wasn’t so long ago that the RSA Conference – such as it was – attracted some of the world’s top experts in cryptography to a single hotel conference room. No longer. Today, RSA is one of the world’s biggest cyber security industry events, attracting more than 40,000 people to downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Once again this year, The Security Ledger will be at RSA and reporting from the event. Here are some of the events we’ll be attending or taking part in this week at RSA.

Honestly, Security Ledger’s RSA dance card fills up most years with meetings, briefings, podcast and video recordings and the like. Monday is the one day of the week where there are actually breaks in my schedule that allow me to pop my head into a session or two. I’m planning to take full advantage of those breaks this year! Here’s the (public) schedule for Monday.

Emerging Threats Seminar: 8:30AM-5:40PM

Imagine having some of the world’s top researchers and experts on cyber threats, from social media manipulation to IoT based attacks and exploit kits. Sounds like heaven (or at least a useful kind of hell). That’s why Security Ledger will be checking into and out of the Emerging Threats Seminar day-long seminar to check out rapid-fire, 30 minute sessions on a wide range of emerging threats from leading experts at firms like Flashpoint, FireEye, Microsoft, Cisco, ZeroFox, WhiteOps and more. (Moscone West 2022)

Security, Privacy and Human Behavior Seminar: 9:00 AM-3:40PM

If you’ve been following the information security space, you know that “Layer 8” aka “carbon based systems” aka “humans” are the weak point in every organization: from the corner dentist’s office to the NSA.

What is it about human behavior that makes cybersecurity so hard? That’s the focus of this RSA day-long seminar, moderated by Dr. Lorrie Cranor, a co-founder of Wombat Security and a professor in the School of Computer Science and the Engineering and Public Policy Department at Carnegie Mellon University and director of the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory. Come hear leading researchers share their latest research concerning security and privacy behaviors and mental models. There will be discussion of security and privacy tools that humans can actually use and a discussion of new and emerging threats and risks that accompany technology adoption (including Internet of Things). (Moscone West 2018)

CyberTacos: 7PM – ??

Yes: “cybertacos.” This annual kick-off event is all about networking, conversation…and tacos. Security Ledger is a media sponsor of the event and I’ll there chowing on tacos, catching up with folks and hearing what some of the top professionals in the business have to say about this year’s show. Follow them online @Cybertacos_ or with the hashtag #Cybertacos_RSA (Tres-SF 130 Townsend Street)