Podcast Episode 135: The Future of Passwords with Google Account Security Chief Guemmy Kim

In this week’s episode (#135):  we continue our series on the future of passwords as we are joined by Guemmy Kim, a group product manager at Google in charge of that company’s account security initiatives. Guemmy and I talk about Google’s fast evolving security program to protect user passwords and data.

It goes without saying that Google is one of the Internet’s largest identity providers, alongside firms like Microsoft and Facebook. With billions of users of google products like YouTube, Gmail the G-Suite productivity applications, Google has its hands full protecting both high profile users and billions of ordinary Internet denizens.

Phish talk

In this conversation, Guemmy and I talk about one of the biggest threats to the security of online accounts: spear phishing and targeted account hacking. She gives us some insight into the trends Google is seeing as hackers look to circumvent account protections to gain control over victim identities and data.

Massive Facebook Breach Affects 90 Million Accounts

Securing the 1% and the 99%

Guemmy Kim is a Group Product Manager at Google.

Guemmy and I also talk about Google’s Advanced Account Protection program, which offers high risk users like politicians, human rights workers and journalists extra protections for their account. With fewer than 10% of Google users taking advantage of multi factor authentication, Among other things, I ask Guemmy whether we’ll ever see the end of the password and if so, what that future will look like.

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