Today: Security Ledger Live with Tenable Co-Founder Ron Gula

Ron Gula, co-founder of Tenable Network Security will join us today on Security Ledger Live to talk about the news of the week and Gula Tech Adventures, his new investment arm.

In-brief: Security Ledger Live kicks off at 11:00 AM today. We’re talking this week with Ron Gula, co-founder of Tenable Networks. 

We’re hosting another edition of Security Ledger Live this morning at 11:00 AM. With us in the (virtual) Security Ledger Studios will be information security OG Ron Gula. If Ron’s name isn’t ringing a bell, you may have heard of the company he co-founded: Tenable Networks. You’re even more likely to have heard about Tenable’s most famous product: the Nessus vulnerability scanner.

What you might not be as familiar with is Ron’s latest act: Gula Tech Adventures, which is investing in young technology start-ups.  We’ll have a chance to ask him about that, the time he spent in the NSA before becoming a technology entrepreneur and also get his thoughts on the security news of the week and next week’s RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.

Join us for this Security Ledger Live event by joining the Google Hangout below. You can participate and ask questions of Ron and me.  We’ll see you there!

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