Samsung Charging into IoT with R&D, Partnership

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Samsung said it will invest heavily in security technologies for the Internet of Things in coming years.

In-brief: Two announcements from tech device giant Samsung underscored the company’s big bets on the Internet of Things.

Two announcements from tech device giant Samsung underscored the company’s big bets on the Internet of Things. First, the company on Tuesday announced that it plans to spend $1.2 billion over the next four years for IoT research and development in the U.S.

That, according to Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman & CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, who spoke at a company forum in Washington D.C.

Samsung will be looking to “start talking and thinking differently about IoT,” with what Kwon called a” human-centered approach, embracing the life-changing possibilities of the technology and working together to bring these benefits to society at-large.”

“We can keep people out of hospitals and nursing homes. As our populations live longer, these benefits and cost savings for society cannot be ignored,” Kwon said.

He also called on industry to pursue an “open” and “collaborative” vision for the IoT and warned about the danger s of “sector-specific regualtions” that “would inherently fragment the development of IoT, impeding devices and platforms from connecting to each other.”

Perhaps to underscore that point, later in the week Samsung said it was partnering with Intel for an initiative to create recommendations for a national IoT strategy in the U.S.  The idea is to gather additional industry companies and organizations to collaborate on policies to recommend to U.S. agencies involved in the Internet of Things.

Samsung has been making investments in IoT at an increasing pace in recent years. As early as 2014, the company was talking up investments in IoT security technology.  Security was also a key benefit of the company’s ARTIK IoT platform, which was announced in April. Last week, the company said it would acquire Joyent, a U.S. based cloud provider to support mobile and Internet of Things products.

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