IPMI’s Inconvenient Truth: A Conversation With Dan Farmer

The work of brilliant computer security researchers often borders on a kind of madness. After all, it takes dedication and a certain amount of monomania to dig through the mush of disassembled source code or the output of application fuzzers and find the one software vulnerabilities - or chain of vulnerabilities - that might lead to a successful attack.

Farmer is warning of the danger posed by insecure implementations of IPMI, which is used to remotely manage servers in large-scale deployments.

Often, this work puts you at odds with what most of us consider "the real world." Notably: the well-respected researcher Dragos Ruiu had many in the security community wondering about his sanity after he sounded the alarm about a super stealthy piece of BIOS malware he dubbed "BadBIOS" that seemed to be everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

Dan Farmer finds himself in a similar position as he continues to sound alarms about the security threat posed by insecure implementations of the Int...

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