You’ve Been Hacked By APT! (The Video)

The whole APT – or “Advanced Persistent Threat” – meme has received a lot of attention in the media. This site and others have written about APT-style hacks, such as the recent compromise at The New York Times.┬áBut what does an APT hack look like? And what would it mean if you or your employer were in the crosshairs of an APT-type actor?

APT Video - SANS
The SANS Institute’s Securing the Human Project has a new video out describing APT-style threats.

The SANS Institute’s Securing The Human project has put together a nice training video that helps answer some of these questions, and to explain how APT-style attacks work.

This is good stuff – explaining the difference between cyber crime and APT, and generic enough that any organization could use it as a training video. SANS says that it will produce one of these a month, and post them on the first of each month.

My only criticism here is that, after they do a solid job describing how APT style hacks work, there’s precious little information on protecting yourself. The video advises to “limit the information about yourself that you put online.” Good advice – but cold comfort to the hundreds of millions of people who have already shared enough information to make for a useful phishing e-mail, but have no way to claw it back from Google, Facebook or Twitter.

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